Horse Riding


What will you see?

  • Gun Range Begluk (30 bullets, 3 types of weapons: pistol, semi-automatic carabineer and the rifle
  • Winery
  • Ethno house

Schools and recreational horseback riding

Horses are lovely and noble animals but also very fast.
A very nice adrenaline tour of horseback riding on the racetrack or forest paths can be a very nice relaxing experience for the recreational type. For those with the knowledge and experience they can afford the phenomenal adrenaline rush of racing race horses. Our lovely expert instructors will familiarize you with the equipment, approach and behavior of the horses. If you are a beginner after the basic information the training of horse riding begins. Racehorses are trained to give maximum professional enjoyment to the racer, but caution must always be exercised as the possibility of falling is inevitable if not instructed. After a short ride, you will feel a connection to the horse you are riding so you can release some tears of joy.

Our team of adrenaline tours will provide you with transportation to and from the racetrack an experienced instructor, race horses and riding equipment. We will try to give our best and make every second of adrenaline tours as best as possible.