What will you see?

  • New Belgrade neighbourhood
  • Sava river
  • Medjica river island


Paragliding is one of the extreme sports and we promise you that you will have an amazing memories from this experience. In paragliding, like in all extreme sports, safety is of a big importance. We will provide you safety on the first place. Our equpment is designed to allow easy adjustments on fly in case of any discomfort. You also have an opportunity to fly in tandem with an experinces instructor. Make great memorise in the air and have a good and unforgettable time.

Make an appointment with our SerbiaCar team and we will come for you and take to the shooting range. At the end of the training and shooting we will return you with our brended cars to the desired locations. Our goal is to you to experience safetly and secure an extraordinary adrenaline rush.

This experience will provide you enough adrenaline that you will long remember