Shooting Range Tour

What will you see?

  • Gun Range Begluk (30 bullets, 3 types of weapons: pistol, semi-automatic carabineer and the rifle
  • Winery
  • Ethno house

Shooting with real weapons

Not only a few kilometers from the center of Belgrade you can have an unforgettable experience, shooting from real weapons with combat bullets in outdoor shooting spot. Professionaly designated shooting range that meets all Euripean standards for both amateur and professional competitions.  Special instructors of the special military unit- Cobras and Gendarmerie will first train you how to safetly handle weapons. When you have completed all the steps of safe behavior, you will be trained to accurately hit each target you want. You will have the opportunity to fire four types of weapons with 46 bullets. After safety training, you go to Glock 19 with 15 bullets of fire, a Magnum 357 with 6 bullets of Carabines with a 15 bullet optical sight, and a 10 bullet semi-automatic rifle.

Make an appointment with our SerbiaCar team and we will come for you and take to the shooting range. At the end of the training and shooting we will return you with our brended cars to the desired locations. Our goal is to you to experience safetly and secure an extraordinary adrenaline rush.

This adrenaline rush you will remember your whole life.