Skydive Belgrade

What will you see?

  • Gun Range Begluk (30 bullets, 3 types of weapons: pistol, semi-automatic carabineer and the rifle
  • Winery
  • Ethno house

Gun Range BEGLUK  is a club which is completely equipped for educational, sports and recreational aspect of using weapons in accordance with the law of weapons and ammunition of the Republic of Serbia. The range is equipped with metal targets, walls, moving targets, target traps as well as many types of paper targets. Instructors with many years of experience will give you training on safe use of weapons, types of firearms, purposes, and handling. You will try shooting with several types of weapons: hunting rifles, automatic rifles, and pistols of a different caliber. There will also be the competition for the small group, and the goal is getting better results and achieving as many points as possible. In the shooting club, you also get a welcome drink, a warm tea that you can drink while you are waiting for your next target.

After visiting the firing range, we continue our journey to visit the vineyard, enjoy the view of the Danube, learn how to make wine, and in the beautiful ambiance try the most famous labels of this winemaker.

After wine tasting, we will go to a beautiful ethno house to have lunch. You will try Serbian homemade coffee while waiting for a fish stew made of many kinds of fish, and after that, you will get fried fish with a side dish, or you can choose mixed grilled meat with salad, and homemade wine or beer.