North monasteries tour


  • Museum of Illusions
  • Republic Square
  • National Theatre
  • National Museum
  • Students Park
  • Kalemegdan Park and Fortress
  • Pub „Znak pitanja“

North monasteries tour

With this tour you will be able to visit: Krušedol Monastery, Novo Hopovo Monastery, Šišatovac Monastery, Divša Monastey and planty of more!

Unique in their architecture, sculpture and ornamentation, frescoes, icons, manuscripts and numerous works of applied art, the monasteries of Serbia have long been a focus of attention for tourists and mediaeval art experts alike. The architecture of mediaeval Serbian monasteries is particularly varied. During the 13thand into the 14thcentury some of the  most striking churches were built, whose proportions and decorative façade and sculptural work suggest Romanesque influence.  With


Tour Info

  • Tour ID: A2
  • Duration: 4.30 hours
  • Price:
    1 pax: 168€
    2 pax: 84€ per person
    3 pax: 56 € per person
    4 pax: 42 € per person


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  • Tickets For 2 Museums
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Suprise Gift

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