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  • Students Park
  • Kalemegdan Park and Fortress
  • Pub „Znak pitanja“

Šar mountains tour

Join us on a journey. On this unique tour you will explore Serbia like a true adventurer.

The Šar Mountains form a mountain range in the Balkans that extends from Kosovo and the northwest of north Macedonia, to northeastern Albania. The mountain is colloquially called Šaraand forms part of a national park in Kosovo. The section in Kosovo is a national park.

Šar Mountains National Park spreads out over its northern slopes. It is the largest area of biodiversity in the Balkans as it is the sole habitat of around 20 endemic speciesor natural rarities. Ski centre is located on the northwestern part of the Šar Mountains, 12 km from the village of Brezovica. The climate, duration of snow cover – from November to May – and the length, angle and hill climbs of each slope make it one of the best known alpine ski resorts in Serbia. The ski resort lies 2500 m above sea-level and has 11 chair and ski lifts, which have a capacity of 10,000 skiers an hour. The slopes are suitable for all alpine disciplines and have an average length of around 3000 m.

Tour Info

  • Tour ID: A2
  • Duration: 4.30 hours
  • Price:
    1 pax: 168€
    2 pax: 84€ per person
    3 pax: 56 € per person
    4 pax: 42 € per person


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