Our Story

Serbia Car Tour is a project carefully designed by our company that will provide unique experience for foreign tourists in Belgrade. Belgrade tours will take you to best museums, monuments and places worth visiting and sightseeing. They are organised in small groups, so our certified tour guides can take you by car to all the places offered in our catalogue, which you can choose by your liking.

Tours are organised in three groups: morning, afternoon and night tours.

Morning tours offer you complete review of Serbian history through visiting interesting museums and monuments. Afternoon tours are dedicated to all kinds of landmarks and monuments of the city, and night tours are bringing you completely different experience of Belgrade. As Belgrade is being famous for its nightlife in Europe, we considered it is very interesting to show our tourists that side of Belgrade as well. That’s why night tours are designed to take tourists to the most famous places of Belgrade nightlife, and give them exclusive treatment in all of the finest clubs.