Castles of Vojvodina

What will you see?

  • Castle Fantast
  • Castle Dundjerski
  • Salas

Castles and summer palaces of Vojvodina were built during XVIII, XIX and at the beginning of XX century, so the construction styles of these objects are different and belong to the transition period from Baroque to Classicism. The richness of architectural, historical, cultural, economic and touristic heritage is based on the diversity of cultural assets, in which the castles and summer palaces of Vojvodina, as well as their parks, have a special place.

Castle Dundjerski is one of the most famous among 80 castles, summer houses and fortresses in Vojvodina, surrounded by a park of four hectares, which is also considered a monument of nature.

Castle Fantast is the property of the landowner Bogdan Dundjerski. Here you will hear controversial stories about the richest family of Vojvodina, which has a noble spirit, but also a curse that is still being spoken of today. We will also visit the church where Uros Predic replaced the frescoes of saints with the characters of local people, which is very uncommon.

For the end of this trip, we have prepared a special surprise, authentic salas in Vojvodina where you will be able to enjoy the traditional specialties of this area.